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When buying a property in Bangalore, a Khata document is required to confirm legal ownership. Srimasassociate can help with the Khata transfer process, which ensures the property passport has the new owner’s name. They provide guidance on forms, fees, and meeting legal guidelines to ensure undisputed ownership. This blog covers Khata transfers step-by-step, making the transition smooth and avoiding stress. Get ready to learn all about Khata transfers with Srimasassociate and ensure your property’s documentation is in order.

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Hey there! If you’ve ever dabbled in property transactions in Bangalore, especially online, you’ve likely bumped into the term ‘khata’. Wondering what it is, the involved khata transfer charges, and how to make an online khata transfer. Don’t fret! Here at Srimas Associate, we specialize in streamlining this process for you.

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What is Khata Anyway?

Imagine Khata as your property’s report card. It’s more than just a piece of paper; it’s proof of your property’s legitimacy in the city. And if you’re in Bangalore, it’s non-negotiable. Curious about the nitty-gritty, or perhaps the khata transfer charges? We’re here to help you pass through the lanes.

A Glimpse into the Concept

Think of your khata as a passport for your property. It’s an account of a person holding a property, detailing the owner’s name, size, location, and other pivotal details. And here’s the catch: without it, you can’t legally construct a building, get a loan against your property, or even initiate an online khata transfer.

You’ve got the A-Khata and the B-Khata. The former signifies you’re on point with the municipal records, and your property abides by all laws. The latter? It’s a bit like the property’s waiting room, hinting at non-compliance with some by-laws. And of course, each has its own set of khata transfer charges.

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Why Transfer the Khata?

Life’s unpredictable! Maybe you bought a property, or you’re selling one, or perhaps inheriting. Or, you might just need to update a few details after a property division. Whatever the reason, a khata transfer is crucial to keep the property’s local municipal records current. And the good news? With Srimas Associate, you can effortlessly do a khata transfer online!

The Perks of Getting It Right

Aside from legal peace of mind, a correct khata smoothes out loan approvals, selling processes, and even tax procedures. Plus, understanding khata transfer charges upfront can save you from unforeseen expenses. And, if you’re tech-savvy, going for an online khata transfer simplifies it even more.

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Srimas Associate: Your Khata Transfer Guide

Need help with Khata transfers? Srimas Associate provides reliable and seamless services for khata transfer. We assist with guidance on transfer charges, required documents, and online processing. Trust us for a hassle-free experience.

Making Khata
Transfer a Breeze

We simplify the daunting process of khata transfer with our expert guidance, acting as a GPS for your online journey. Trust in Srimas Associate for the best Khata Transfer services.


We offer tailored solutions for Khata transfer with expertise in the required documents and charges. Get a smooth and hassle-free online experience with our leading consultancy.

Cost-effective and Transparent

We provide affordable, transparent Khata Transfer services with a clear breakdown of all charges, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or complicated paperwork.

Khata Transfer Process - Step-by-Step.

01  Application Submission

Initiate your Khatha Registration and Khata Transfer by submitting the documents required for khata transfer, either manually or through online services.

02 Verification Time

The local authority examines the documents required for khata transfer ensuring everything’s in order. This step is especially crucial for those opting for online khata transfer.

03 Pay the Fee

Included in the khata transfer charges, a nominal official fee keeps your application on track.

04  Endorsement

Once all’s verified, your khata gets endorsed to the new owner. If you’re using the best Khata Transfer services online, this can be even faster!

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Need help with Khata transfer? Choose Srimas Associate – the top Khata Transfer consultancy! We’ll assist you with all the necessary documents and ensure that all records are updated post-transfer. For a holistic approach to Khatha Registration and Khata Transfer, we’ve got you covered with our personalized advice and top-notch services.

Wrapping It Up

Property matters can feel daunting, especially when jargon like ‘khata’ gets thrown around or when trying to understand khata transfer charges. But with the right partner, like Srimas Associate, and the convenience of khata transfer online, the path becomes clearer, simpler, and hassle-free. Ready to embark on your online khata transfer journey?

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I am a farmer and Srimass Associate helped me to change my Khata during a very short period of time

Srimas Associate
Nagesh Hogebandi Farmer

I got all the documents I needed right time, money saving and all the original documents done correctly. I really recommend to others.

Srimas Associate
Nagaraj H M Businessman

All the licenses obtained for our clinic have done all the work at very low cost without disturbing my work.

Srimas Associate
Dr Muthukrishnan G Physiotherapist

A fantastic organization! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. I would recommend them unreservedly.

Srimas Associate
Manjunath R Sportsman
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Ravishankar KRavishankar K
02:53 17 Nov 23
Excellent Service. True Value for Money
11:34 14 Nov 23
manak vmanak v
18:01 26 Oct 23
Good service.. like the way of working
With in 15days my association registration was completed. And is a very knowledgeable person.Great work , thank you Mr.Mahesh
Shailaja SShailaja S
08:52 20 Oct 23
Very nice work done on time 😄
Divij BhatDivij Bhat
06:22 17 Sep 23
Perfectly executed work involving BDA site Khata change. Very professional in handling the tasks and Mr.Mahesh has excellent contacts with government authorities. Very trustworthy and neat handling of tasks in a honest manner. Highly recommended👌
arun choudhuryarun choudhury
04:08 14 Sep 23
I got my khata transferred done, it was very smooth and quick. Very good service.
Shruthi VastradmathShruthi Vastradmath
15:46 30 Aug 23
PWD class 2 contractor license done in less than 30days. Great service
Varun RVarun R
14:01 19 Aug 23
Great service, Mahesh very helpful and provides a detailed information about property documents accurately and guide you how to get things done. One stop contact for your property documentation.

Need Help?


Typically, you’d need sale deeds, tax receipts, and previous khata, but it varies case by case, especially when doing an online khata transfer.

Depending on the property and local municipality, it could take anywhere from 15-30 days, but khata transfer online can often speed this up.

Absolutely! Some municipalities offer online khata transfer services, but it’s best to consult with us for a smooth process.

Certainly! It ensures the new owner can legally manage and make decisions regarding the property. Plus, it clarifies any associated khata transfer charges.

Mistakes happen! With proper guidance and opting for khata transfer online, you can rectify errors and get your khata in perfect shape.

Our fees depend on the property type and location. We promise transparent pricing and no hidden costs. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Our team at Srimas Associate is experienced in handling challenges. If a problem arises, we’ll work on a solution and keep you informed.

Not necessarily. We can manage most of the process without you having to be there. However, you might need to be present for certain legal formalities. We’ll let you know in advance.

We’ll send you a confirmation with all the details of your updated Khata. Plus, you can always check the current status with the local municipal office.

Absolutely. We value your privacy and ensure that all your personal details are kept secure and confidential throughout the process.


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