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SRIMAS ASSOCIATE is established in 2007, and founded by Sangeetha Mahesh (B.com, MA, LLB) is one of the leading companies providing & expertise in handling Licensing, Insurance (General, Life & Health) & Property Management to our esteemed clients. Provides value-added solutions to a wide variety of organizations. We highly believe in client satisfaction and ensure that we strive to provide consistent and improved performance. We ensure complete customer satisfaction by effectively using people, processes, and technology. We are providing our services to various startups, Manufacturing Industries, Hospitals & Educational establishments.

SriMas Associate based in the Garden city of India- Bangalore, is one of the leading consulting companies in the city. We offer our services across niche’s not limited to – Payroll Services, Statutory Compliance, Client Account Management, Insurance (General, Life & Health), Property Management, etc. using our widely distributed network across government departments, authorities & legal bodies. By gaining first-hand knowledge of the procedures and legalities involved in the government offices in Bangalore, we help our clients complete their Licensing, Registering, Transferring, or any other processes without delays and make it a hassle-free process. We extend our services to cater to Corporates – both IT and Non-IT, Manufacturing Industry, Healthcare Industry, Academics, SMEs, and also Individuals. All our services are customized according to need, and vertical, and comply with Government / other legal bodies / Authorities’ rules and regulations. Along with fastening the process, we also help our clients with documentation to provide smooth transactions in related areas. As an ISO 9001:2015 company with an honorary Doctorate, we excel in providing an unparalleled experience to our clients.

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Moved by the plight of customers frustrated with fraudulent practices in the property sector, Property document verification emerged with a gold initiative against the entire gamut of practices. We have a dynamic team to perform the task.
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Deeply Committed

Srimas Associate continues to grow, and our professionals continuously challenge themselves to stay ahead of breakthroughs, developing even better ways to assist clients. Our goal is to bring the power of information to the people, reduction of costs, and timely delivery & customer satisfaction.
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Highly Skilled

Srimas Associate has a dedicated team of professionals with significant experience and academic backgrounds
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No Duplicate

We do not make duplicate documents of any kind

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We will work before the
stated time

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We do not give false commitment of any kind to anyone

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We will not give your documents or information to anyone

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