BDA takes property tax khata services online this year

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) brought about in a transformative age by moving its property tax khata services online this year, marking a significant step towards digital government. This innovative action is in line with the worldwide trend toward digitization and shows Bangaloreans’ dedication to improving accessibility and efficiency. Citizens can now enjoy the convenience of managing their khata services from the comfort of their homes thanks to the evolution of the formerly labor-intensive property tax management process into a simplified online system. This progressive move by the BDA is a turning point in the administration of the city, opening the door for a more technologically sophisticated and citizen-focused approach to property tax management.

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Efficient Khata Services Online

BENGALURU: Bangalore Development Authority has gone digital. The city planning authority has from this financial year introduced online services, making e-payments of property tax Owners of properties developed by BDA are required to register on the web, providing details such as cellphone numbers and property IDs, before paying property tax online at or The system generates receipts that taxpayers can download. BDA has stopped its annual dispatches of physical demand challans to property owners, except to those who own sites or buildings in Arkavathy Layout – where the authority is yet to complete site allotments.

BDA’s commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of the community. However, it’s noteworthy that property owners in Arkavathy Layout, where site allotments are still underway, will continue to receive physical demand challans until the process is completed. This progressive move aligns with the broader goal of promoting a more efficient and user-friendly urban development landscape in Bangalore.

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BDA takes property tax khata services online this year
BDA takes property tax khata services online this year

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