E khata – As Legal and Valid as the Physical Khata

Understanding E-Khata: Overview and Importance

Are you looking to buy a property in Bangalore? Do you know that you would require a khata, which is an essential document for real estate transactions? With many new schemes, laws, and policies being introduced by the government, as a property buyer or seller, you need to be up-to-date with all the property-related jargon. In order to understand E-Khata, let’s take a look at what is it.

What is a khata? Why is it important for property owners?

A khata is a legal document that assesses a property located within the jurisdiction of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). It identifies the owner of the property and includes other relevant information including the size of the building or plot, where it is located, the estimated property tax for the plot etc.

Whether you’re trying to apply for a building license or are planning to make a real estate transaction, you will require this document. It is also a prerequisite for applying for water and electricity connections, and for bank loan applications.

Types of khata

There are basically two types of khata, ‘A’ khata and ‘B’ khata. While ‘A’ khata is a certificate which is issued to a legal property that meets all the required government tax regulations and building bye-laws, ‘B’ khata on the other hand is a certificate issued to those properties that have pending taxes to be cleared, or to those which do not meet all the property taxation rules set by the government.

By reading the above definitions, it’s obvious that owning an ‘A’ khata property is more advantageous when compared to owning a ‘B’ khata one. However, if you own a ‘B’ khata property, you don’t have to worry, as you can upgrade to an ‘A’ khata by paying betterment charges, and by submitting all the associated documents.

What is an e khata? How will a property owner benefit from it?

Unlike the general misconception, neither is e khata a different type of khata nor an additional requisite set by the state government. An e khata is nothing but electronic khata, i.e. filing the document online. With the advancement of technology, you can now file it by logging on to the BBMP official website.

You need to be aware that e-khata can be only used by property owners who have been allotted a Property Identification Number (PID) number. This will include the properties that were registered under the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP), which is the body that governed Bangalore until 2007.

The Karnataka state government is in the process of recording all possible land-related accounts online. Though this will take a few years to complete, it is proven to be advantageous to the property owners in the long run. Since you’re assigned with a unique PID number, you can access your khata account easily, pay your taxes online, and obtain receipts whenever you want them. If you do not have a PID number, you can contact the nearest BBMP ward office.

Submission of property khata online and via BangaloreOne

 BBMP and the state e-governance department have simplified the procedure of submitting khata transfer. This is not only a great initiative by the government to ensure that the property owners are not harassed by middlemen but also helps in curbing corruption and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free service.

You can now apply for E-khata transfers using the SAKALA service, and you’ll receive the document transfer within one month. You can either visit your nearest BangaloreOne center or log on to http://www.sakala.kar.nic.in to make a submission. As well as the filled application form, you will require a few documents to make a successful submission.

Security is assured

In order to ensure that there are no security risks, a one-time password (OTP) will also be generated to your mobile number or e-mail address. Once the application and documents reach the concerned authorities, a SAKALA acknowledgment number will be generated. Similar to other government forms, you’ll have the option to track the status of your the e khata application by receiving regular text messages.

You can be assured that you’ll receive the khata transfer certificate within the stipulated time. Your khata will be digitally signed once it is ready. In case your form is rejected, you will be contacted by an officer at the earliest. The e-khata service is also an attempt to reduce the use of paper.

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E khata – As Legal and Valid as the Physical Khata
E khata – As Legal and Valid as the Physical Khata

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