Thinking Of Buying Land In Karnataka- Download Dishank App

   Dishank App: Simplifying Solutions

  • Dishank (Dishaank) survey App identifies land as dryland, wetland, forest land, government land, lakes, drain, etc.
  • The Dishank App is based on a geo-referenced map
  • Karnataka is the first state in India to digitize land records.

Have you or anyone you know been cheated into buying land that was actually part of a forest or lake or government land? The Karnataka Revenue department recently introduced the Dishank app (also spelled Dishaank) to protect people from being cheated in this way. Read on to learn more about Dishank survey mobile app.

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Where To Download

  • Android users click here
  • iOS users click here   

Why Dishaank  Survey Mobile App

Property is considered one of the wisest investment choices one could make. However, when you buy a plot of land, it is hard to define the type of land by simply looking at it.

Is it government land or commercial land? Dryland or wetland? Many people have been duped into buying land that is not suitable for their purposes by felons.

The revenue department of Karnataka State recognized the need for a way to identify how a plot has been categorized and recently introduced an app called Dishank.

What Is Dishank?

Dishank is an app that can be freely downloaded for Android and iOS devices as well as personal computers. The app will give out information on property details based on records maintained by the Karnataka government.

Dishank has been an ongoing project for the Karnataka Revenue Department for many years now. the department has collected around 70 lakhs survey numbers and categorized over 2.5 million properties into varied types.

The app opens to a geo-referenced map that can identify a plot of land as a wetland, dryland, drains, lakes or government land.

Dishaank  And Encroachment

Until now the layman had no easy way of knowing whether land being sold to him belonged to the seller or not or what category of land it falls under. In many cases, the truth became apparent only after encroachment removal drives.

The person would then find out that the land sold to him was created on government land or forest land or natural drains, etc. With the introduction of the Dishank app, the common man is empowered with information about the land that protects him from being cheated.

Karnataka At The Forefront

With the launch of this app, Karnataka has retained its pioneering status in terms of digitization. The state is the first in India to digitize land records and permit online updating of the same.

This makes tampering them harder and helps integrate all survey and settlement records. Digitizing these land records also makes them easier to access.

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Thinking Of Buying Land In Karnataka- Download Dishank App
Thinking Of Buying Land In Karnataka- Download Dishank App

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