Industries Buying Land In Karnataka – Now Buy Land Directly From Farmers

Unlocking Opportunities: Buy Land Directly from Farmers

Buy Land Directly from Farmers : Industries buying land in Karnataka becomes easy as the government amended the Land Reform Act 1961.

The bill amendment was approved by the legislature in March and has recently been passed by the governor as well. The gazette notification on April 27th repeals the Karnataka Land Reforms (Amendment) Ordinance 2019.

This act allows industries to buy land directly from farmers. The government hopes that this will help industries make up for the losses of the lockdown.

Industries Buying Land In Karnataka  – How To Do It?

Earlier, industries could purchase agricultural land only if it was allotted through a government agency. Now they can the same directly from the farmer. However, before doing so, permission must be sought from the revenue department.

As long as there are no concerns in the application, it should be cleared by the deputy commissioner within 30 days. If the application is not rejected within 30 days, it may be taken as auto approved and the company buying the land may start construction.

Industries Buying Land In Karnataka – Impact

The amendment is a major land reform that industrialist organizations in Karnataka have been demanding for a long time. Other states such as Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have already implemented similar processes.

Where earlier it could take industries up to 3 years to buy agricultural land, now, the same should not take longer than a month. This will play a large role in helping industries expand and increase their production capabilities.

The amended Land Reforms Act of 1961 is important with respect to the government’s efforts towards encouraging industrial development outside Bangalore. It will make the state more enticing for industrialists and hence help boosts ate revenue.

Earlier, the Karnataka Government had earmarked 30,000 acres of land across the state for industrial use of which 12,000 acres are ready for construction.


Industries Buying Land In Karnataka – Now Buy Land Directly From Farmers
Industries Buying Land In Karnataka – Now Buy Land Directly From Farmers

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